After Sales Services

We want you to be satisfied with our products and support you with an effective After Sales Service. Regular care and service are the keys to the faultless and reliable state of their product. Thanks to the efforts of our engineers, Unitherm Cemcon is known all over the world for its high quality products.

Our After Sales Service department will continue its assistance after product delivery and advice:

  • Service
    Service technicians provide on-site system maintenance and improvement to existing production systems. Please ask also for our special service contracts.
  • Maintenance assistance
    Scheduled maintenance to maintain or restore original equipment efficiency.
  • Staff training
    Our training specialists conduct on-site training on new and existing equipment.
  • Burner setting optimization
    By changing parameters of the kiln system also the burner settings should be adjusted accordingly. To improve the firing process and adjust the best burner settings our specialists can support you during this optimization process.
  • Spare parts
    Original spare parts from Unitherm give you confidence that the part is compatible, reliable, will provide optimum performance and help maintain the life of your entire production systems.
  • Operational improvements
    We are continuously developing our products to be one step ahead and guarantee the best available technology. Even existing Unitherm burners can be upgraded to take advantage of our latest improvements. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get more information about upgrades for your UNITHERM burner.

Recommended upgrades

  • New nozzle head
    To realize higher secondary fuel rates a new nozzle head was designed to maximize the momentum of the primary air.
  • Pneumo-injector technology
    Increasing substitution rates for solid secondary fuel and fluctuating fuel characteristics such as size, humidity and heating value made it necessary to influence the solid secondary fuel injection from the burner side.
    • Pneumo-deflector – to increase the resistance time of the solid secondary fuels in the flame by changing the injection angle of the secondary fuel particles.
  • Burner automation
    Upgrade the Unitherm burner to monitor and control the equipment from the control room during normal operation.