Efficiency for Tomorrow

In times of rising energy prices and a daily recess of natural resources it’s becoming more and more important to focus on secondary fuels to keep the process costs on a reasonable level and to secure our environment. UNITHERM Cemcon was the first company in the cement industry to foresee this development and to tackle the difficulties that especially the burning of solid secondary fuels brought to the process.


Satellite burner

Maximize your solid secondary fuel input with our satellite burner technology.

To optimize the combustion of solid secondary fuels in the rotary kiln, following preconditions have to fulfilled:

  • Injection in a zone with high temperature and high oxygen content
  • Sufficient residence time
  • Advanced control of combustion process

All these requirements can be met with the installation of a Unitherm satellite burner in combination with the M.A.S. rotary kiln burner. The satellite burner consists of solid secondary fuel channel and a surrounding primary air / cooling air channel. The primary air can be used together with Unitherms Pneumo-Jet or Pneumo-Deflector technology. Additionally the air prevents bending of the satellite burner.

The satellite burner is mounted on a separate trolley above the main burner and is available for both suspended and floor mounted burner trolley designs.

    Adjustment possibilities:
  • Axial ±0,5 meters in burner axis
  • Vertical ±2° relative to burner axis

Result plant 1

  • SSF rate without satellite burner: 2,5 – 3,0 t/h
  • SSF rate with satellite burner: 4,0-4,5 t/h
  • SSF rate increased by: approx. 54%

Result plant 2

  • SSF rate without satellite burner: 5,0-5,5 t/h
  • SSF rate with satellite burner: 7,0 -7,5t/h
  • SSF rate increased by: approx. 38%