Ignition burner

The ignition burner is an optimized design for the highest mechanical flexibility and operation safety.

For rotary kiln burners the installation of an ignition burner is mandatory according to EN 746-2 for operation without visual supervision.

The properties are:
Ignition fuel: natural gas, propane gas and biogas
Ignition: high voltage
Flame monitoring: ionization
Ignition air: primary air (no additional fan)

Oil lances

UNITHERM CEMCON provides compressed air atomizer lances as well as pressure atomizer lances for rotary kiln burners and for calciner burners.


Burner lance type UNIGRESS ZL for fuel oil; high pressure atomizer with ducting for axial oil and radial oil suitable for doubled-forward-flow and return flow. For higher control range the swirl chamber can be adjusted from the cold end during operation, incl. commissioning parts, control range 1:4 (1:8 in return flow operation)

Maximum flow: 15,000 kg/h
Maximum pressure: 40 bar
Maximum viscosity: 20 cSt
Control range: 1:8 (return flow operation)


Burner lance type UNIGRESS DDM-XL for waste fuel oil; designed as compressed air atomizer with ducting for fuel oil and compressed air / steam.
The special design of the oil gun has a pre-atomizing chamber inside the nozzle to reach a very high atomization quality.
Due to tangential atomization holes, this lance type has a wide spray cone.

Maximum flow: 8,000 kg/h
Waste oil pressure: 5-6 bar
Compressed air pressure: 6-7 bar
Maximum particle size: 3 mm
Atomizing viscosity: up to 100 cSt


The Pneumo-Deflector enables the kiln operator to deflect the solid secondary fuel particles to adjust the flight behavior. Without further changes of operational parameters or fuel quality, the Pneumo-Deflector can drastically increase the amount of secondary fuel fired through the kiln burner.

The uniform flow of particles (solid alternative fuel flow) in a therefore designated waste fuel pipe located in the burner is normally “straight”. This is aThe injection of solid secondary fuel particles through the waste fuel pipe located in the burner is normally straight. This flow can be deflected using a nozzle situated at the hot end of the solid fuel channel. This nozzle is equipped with bores located on the nozzle bottom side. The energy for the deflection is provided by the primary air pressure which is adjustable. In this way, the deflecting angle can be influenced in dependence of the desired firing requirements. The particles will follow a trajectory through the main flame up to the oxygen rich zone of the kiln (along the main flame) and further back into the main flame again, thereby increasing the residence time and improving the burnout of the particles.

The only effective way to increase the resistance time is to change the injection angle.

divisible burner jacket tube

Divisible burner jacket tube

To save maintenance costs our M.A.S. burner can be equipped with a divisible burner jacket tube.

The outer jacket tube is divided approx. 1.2m from the burner tip and locked by an internal locking mechanism which will be operated from the cold burner end.

The execution as divisible outer jacket tube brings several advantages in investment and quicker service:

  • Smaller investment for spare outer jacket tube
  • In case of wear out at the lower part of the burner tip insulation the front part of the jacket tube can be turned 180°
  • Easier relining service works of the outer jacket tube
  • Less space requirement on the burner platform as only the front part of the jacket tube has to be pulled off for new lining!

Additional tools or UNITHERM CEMCON staffs are not necessary for this process.

Burner remote control

We offer a remote control for the M.A.S. kiln burner by upgrading the manual actuators and pressure indicators by motorized actuators (for flame setting device and air valves) and pressure transmitters to achieve a remote control operation and monitor the settings of the kiln burner from the control room.

Flame detector

A flame scanner lens with fibre optic cable is lead through the burner to look directly into the flame. This improves the operation safety according to the experience of our installed systems. The evaluation unit at the cold end of the burner provides the flame signal and intensity.

Burner Carriage

UNITHERM CEMCON burner carriage can be executed in floor mounted or suspended design. The supports for the kiln burner are equipped with manual devices for vertical and lateral adjustment (adjustment range +/-3° around the front support in all directions). The horizontal movement for burner positioning in the kiln is done by an electric drive.