M.A.S.DT kiln burner

The disc technology

The M.A.S.DT is the latest development in optimizing the burner’s efficiency. Placing the adjustable primary air openings directly at the burner tip leads to unobstructed injection of the air jets into the kiln. With minimum losses at the air nozzles, the entrainment of secondary air is improved by approximately 15%.

The new primary air system, with discs instead of flexible hoses, requires less space inside the primary air channel. Therefore, the burner is smaller in diameter and lighter in weight, which reduces investment costs. The cooling of the outer jacket tube with the M.A.S. system (hose and disc design) is superior to that of other rotary kiln burners, as 100% of the primary air is used for cooling. With the new disc system, the cooling of the burner tip is improved even further. All new M.A.S.DT burners showed improved lifetime of the refractory lining at the burner. On average the refractory lifetime is extended by approximately 20%.

M.A.S.DT kiln burner
position "0" - low swirl - long flame   position "10" - high swirl - short flame

The main benefits

  • More efficient primary air injection, resulting in higher effective momentum and optimized combustion
  • Higher design flexibility in the number and geometry of the primary air openings
  • Slimmer flame
  • Better cooling
  • Smaller burner size (smaller burner diameter and lower weight)
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Maximum flexibility for traditional and secondary fuels
  • Upgrade compatibility to existing M.A.S. burners

The M.A.S. system

The M.A.S. (Mono Airduct System) brings the complete primary air flow into an adjustable swirl to form the shape of the flame.
By deflection of the M.A.S. hoses the burner momentum remains at its maximum during the entire operation range. The M.A.S.DT uses our well-known and easy to use flame setting device.

MAS setting device

Easy upgrade

revamp your existing M.A.S. kiln burner with ease

Unitherm Cemcon provides M.A.S.DT upgrade kits and support for a quick and easy upgrade. The modification can be done on site by plant personnel. Unitherm specialists are not required for the modification. Usually it takes two skilled metalworkers two days to dismantle the flexible hoses, adapt the motion converter and install the disc holder and disc package. After the final movement test the burner is ready again.

MAS setting device

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