In 2014 Unitherm delivered a combined rotary kiln burner M.A.S./5/KO.SO.X to a plant in Greece with the following technical specifications:

Plant capacity: 3.500 tpd with 5 stage precalciner kiln
Burner capacity: 65MW
Fuels: Petcoke: 9.000 kg/h
Solid secondary fuel: 5.000 kg/h
Fuel oil for start up

After several years of operation, the client is very satisfied with the results and highlights the following advantages:

  • 5-6 t/h more clinker production because of more stable kiln operation (3,5 – 4%)
  • The kiln has been operated with high sulphur petcoke (7,5% sulphur content) without any major problems concerning either operation or clinker quality
  • Smooth and continuous coating results in longer brick lifetime
  • Better control of burner flame shape


  • Higher production with the same fuels can be achieved through stable operation
  • High sulphur petcoke can be used due to effective momentum utilization with the unique primary air system of the M.A.S. burner
  • The M.A.S. system is a very powerful tool against ring formation
  • Easier operation and reduced maintenance

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